Orphaned cat chooses to live with herd of capybaras


A capybara and a cat living together at the zoo

 Well, last time, at a zoo in Malaysia, I told you about “a cat acting like a capybara in a flock of capybaras “, but in fact, this cat lost its mother when it was a kitten and was wandering around town. It looks like you’ve made it to the zoo.

 It is said that he had a fateful encounter with the capybaras there, and has been living in the capybara breeding booth ever since.

This Cat Grew Up Among Capybaras at a Zoo || ViralHog

An orphan kitten who chose to live with a capybara

 A capybara breeding booth at the National Zoo of Negara in Malaysia contains a similar but different animal. It is a brown tabby cat and is called ‘Oyen’, which means brown tabby cat in Malaysian.

 Owen seems to have lost his mother a few years ago when he was born, and after that he wandered around the city, but for some unknown reason, he ended up at the zoo. She said that she became attached to the capybaras

 she met there and spent more time in the breeding booth.


 The existence of Owen is officially recognized at the zoo, and the official Youtube channel also publishes a video of Owen slurping at the capybaras.

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