Puppy thrown off bridge by passerby becomes family of police officer who rescued him


Dog thrown off bridge rescued by police family

 Surveillance cameras installed on the street captured the moment of shock. As the duo were passing a bridge, they spotted a puppy on the side of the sidewalk. When one person picked him up, he crossed the road and threw him down from the bridge.

 This video was confirmed, and the rushed police rescued the dog safely. One of the police officers who helped the dog at this time decided to adopt it as a family member.

puppy thrown off bridge

 Security cameras captured a puppy being thrown off a bridge over the Cloverland Power Canal in Sault Ste.

 The duo, one adult and one minor, apparently stumbled across the puppy while walking.

 When one person picks up the puppy, cross the road and move to the bridge. He then threw the puppy over the railing into the canal.


 The pup was dropped and trapped between the canal fences where the water was moving fast.

 Sault Ste. Marie Police Officers Andrew Selke and Tyler Knowsen were sent to rescue the puppy.

 Officer Selke crouched in a fenced area, rescued the puppy, and handed it to Officer Knowsen, who was watching on the bridge.

 Fortunately, the puppy was not injured.

The puppy is taken in by a Nousen police officer.

 The two officers then took the dog back to the station and handed it over to the Chippewa County Animal Shelter.

 But Officer Nousen must have been very concerned about the puppy. He went to the facility the next day and he offered to adopt the puppy.

 The puppy, named Clove, was brought back to his permanent home, Police Officer Knowsen’s home, on the 19th after completing the necessary procedures.

Every dog ​​deserves a safe home with love and care. I knew immediately that I wanted to add Clove to my family.

But my fiancée, who didn’t know anything about it until I brought Clove home, was very surprised by the sudden arrival of the puppy. (Police Officer Nousen)

 The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department, which released images of the suspects caught on security cameras before they were identified, has expressed anger over the incident.


Fines and prison sentences for animal cruelty, minors go to juvenile court

This is completely unacceptable behavior. The puppy was thrown out even though there was a solution.

They could have taken the puppies to an animal shelter, found someone to take them, or brought them to the police station.

 Ultimately, Jasmine Ellis Clark, one of the suspects who admitted to abusing Clove, was charged with felony animal cruelty and was fined $5,000 and up to four years. could face a prison sentence of

 Another minor suspect has been sent to juvenile court, police said.

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