Why is there an easy-to-understand road closure? Not just one, but two fall into the sinkhole



 ”Again! Where are you looking?” You can’t even have one, but it’s crazy to fall again! The police are also angry and warning about the continuous fall accidents of careless drivers.

 At the end of last month, police in the state of California in the United States, posted a picture of a pickup truck that slipped through a strict road closure and fell into a sinkhole.

 In fact, another car had just fallen into this hole a few days ago, ignoring the road closure sign.

 The police, who were at a loss for words at the first one, found a second one in the same hole like deja vu. Not once, but even twice. What is the complaint of the police who have trouble with reckless drivers who do not listen to warnings?

again! The car is completely stuck in a hole in the road closed by the police

 I thought it was a careless accident, but what is a fall without a warning? If the barricades we set up were ignored, even the police would be furious.

 This is a photo of the site posted on Facebook by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in the United States on the 28th of last month. Location: Casson Road, Tracy, California.


I was falling again. It’s too late for us. This is a 100% preventable accident and there is no excuse. The signs look good and are unobtrusive.

I issued a ticket for this driver. The same thing happens to those who pass through the closed road.

“Road Closed” signs and barricades are strategically placed for your safety. Do not drive through roadblocks. Make a U-turn and find another route.

 There is a single pickup truck stuck in a large sinkhole. The hole was created by storm flooding about 10 days ago and was closed to traffic by authorities.


And the second one. A cancer-ignoring car fell five days ago

 According to local media and insiders, this is the second time police have found a car in the pit. The first time happened 5 days ago.

 The first time. (The person in the photo is not the driver.)


 The area was until recently inundated by floods that overflowed reservoirs.

 The sinkhole was created by that erosion, and it seems that the water remained for a while after the surrounding water receded.

 Assuming that it would take time to restore it, the authorities installed signs such as road closures and flooding signs as temporary measures to prevent falls, in addition to the tapes that were initially put up prohibiting entry.

 Nevertheless, the first one.
 The Volkswagen sedan that ignored it fell.

 Police say the car was completely submerged in water just hours after the sign was installed.

Residents “It’s ridiculous” and “It’s stupid” after two falling incidents

 Fortunately, both drivers seemed to be safe, but a woman who lived in the vicinity of the site and witnessed the two falling incidents said:

When the second one fell, we looked out the window and said, “Oh, that’s different.” I seriously don’t know. They were trying to avoid the barricade, even though it was a huge obstacle. Ridiculous.

 Another resident also said:

Stupid… all I can say is. You shouldn’t let people like this get a license.


Power outages in over 110,000 locations. California rushes to recovery

 Not once, but twice. Can’t these drivers see the signs and obstacles in front of them? Why would you force yourself to go where you should have clearly avoided it?


 That’s it. It was the time when the water was receding here and there, so I wonder if I just assumed that I could go there even though there was a sign.

 Maybe it’s just because it’s a hassle to turn back, or because you’re sick of the barricades, or for other reasons that only you can understand, but please, everyone, please follow the road signs.

 At least 17 people were killed in the storms that hit California. Nearly 50,000 residents were ordered to evacuate.

 Heavy rains, lightning, hail and landslides flooded several towns and caused power outages in more than 110,000 places, including homes and businesses.

 Even now, two weeks later, the cut has left large areas without telephone and internet service, and work continues to repair the closed roads.

 The police are also busy dealing with other sinkhole incidents, not just this one. I think it’s going to be a big deal in the middle of this winter, but I just hope that it will be restored as soon as possible.

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